Love Embraces - CARE
Embracing and loving one another
Ministries include: Meals, Visitation, Marriage, Weddings, Funeral services, and Prayer

Love Expresses - WORSHIP
Expressing worship to God
Ministries include: Sound, Media, Choir, Orchestra, and Music Teams

Love Reaches - MISSIONS
Reaching our world with God's love
Ministries include: SERVE 6.8, Orphan Care, Welcome Child, Building Hope, Local & Global Missions Projects, Missionary Support, and The Bridge

Love Releases - VOLUNTEER
Releasing believers into ministry
Ministries include: Guest Services, Ushers, Greeters, Communion, Summit and Serving Central

Love Teaches - EDUCATION
Teaching and training believers
Ministries include: Adult Education - EQUIP classes, Foundations 101 classes, Baptism