In Colorado, mountains that are 14,000 feet or higher are called ‘14ers’, so this year we are using the analogy of ‘14ers’ to describe our 4 specific goals. Just as some mountains are more challenging than others, so we expect that our journey will be exciting, demanding, and fulfilling! Our desire is to experience a new season of God’s favor and blessing - in anticipation, we are calling that season ‘Springtime’. Join in the challenge as we “summit” these objectives together!


As people compelled and empowered by the Spirit, we will grow personally and together in prayer and fasting, giving ourselves gratefully to worship, and posturing ourselves to wait and hear what God’s Spirit is saying to the church, making space for encountering God in our gatherings.


•Church wide calls to seasons of prayer and fasting

•Creative prayer gatherings and special calls to prayer in response to what is happening in our world

•A renewed openness to the surprises of God in our midst


As a people whose foundation is the big story of God, we share biblical and contemporary stories together, through teaching and testimony. We will be intentional to not only welcome those who are new to our Timberline community, but provide clear opportunities for them to put down roots of relationship and service. There also will be opportunities for all to deepen our experience of life in our church community.


• Shared story and testimony in our gatherings

• Opportunities to participate in one of a broad selection of small group activities

• A call to develop a growing culture of welcome within the church

• Teaching and special forums to reflect on tough topics, creating opportunities for respectful, biblical conversations around “hot button” issues that are often neglected or cause polarization.


We will create resources and relational opportunities for the follow-up and nurture of new believers, as well as providing for the nourishment and development for those who have been walking with Jesus for a while.


•Courses and mentoring opportunities specifically designed to create strong foundations for new Christians

•Classes, teaching and resources to help us all to become lifelong apprentices of Jesus who are faithful, continue to grow, and finish strong in the journey of faith

•Training events for church and workplace leadership


Reflecting God’s love and compassion for His world, we will continue to reach out, both globally and locally, with words, works and wonders that invite all people everywhere to become a part of the kingdom of God.


•Opportunities for coordinated local, national and international outreach

•Initiatives that enable us to walk with the poor and model God’s passion for justice

•Specific events and moments for people to make very clear decisions to follow Christ, as well as training to help us to more naturally share our faith